It took a medical team of 60, including 19 surgeons and anesthesiologists, at Hospital Kuala Lumpur to conduct the 24-hour surgery.

KUALA LUMPUR - The twin boys Muaiman and Muaimin Azli, aged 15 months, were separated in an operation involving a 60-strong medical team, including 19 surgeons and anaethetists, The Star reported.

“I feel so relieved. I could not sleep well before the surgery as I was so worried,” the twins' father, Azli Sabran, 40, told Malaysia’s The Star.

The Straits Times reported that the boys shared the same pelvis and a leg. They were also born without an anal opening.

Their shared penis was reconstructed during surgery to fit each child.

One of the lead surgeons, Dr Zakaria Zahari, said the operation on July 14 was the hospital's most complex, taking 24 hours to perform. 

Both boys are in a stable condition and Muaimin will get a prosthetic leg, while Muaiman will keep both of his legs.

“For now, I’m just glad that they are safe,” the twins’ father, 40-year-old mechanic Azli Sabran, told The Star.

Their sexual and reproductive functions will be assessed as they mature, Dr Zahari said. 

"With proper rehabilitation, both boys can lead a fairly normal and independent life." 

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