Same-sex marriage under consideration in Vietnam




Same-sex marriage in Vietnam? It's possible. 

The Associated Press reports that the Vietnamese government is seriously considering legalizing gay marriage, and offering equal rights and benefits to same-sex couples. 

AP states that Vietnam is revamping its marriage law, and the Justice Ministry broached the question of including gay couples in the overhaul – shocking even gay activists. Although it is unknown if it will ever even make it to the National Assembly, the fact that the question is being asked at all is being hailed as a victory. 

GlobalPost: Lesbian couple plans Taiwan's first same-sex wedding

The next National Assembly will convene in the spring of 2013, according to Gaystar News, where the measure will likely be discussed. 

In May, Gaystar News reported on the lavish wedding of two men in Southern Vietnam, an event that was attended by hundreds, jamming traffic. Those attempting to protest or stop the nuptials were stopped by local police. 

No nation in Asia currently offers legal same-sex marriage, although GlobalPost recently reported that Taiwan has a largely gay-friendly culture. A lesbian couple is expected to go through with Taiwan's first Buddhist wedding this summer. 

Unlike in some Asian nations, homosexuality is not a crime in Vietnam, as long as such acts occur between two consenting adults - though it's debatable if the issue was ever even addressed in the criminal note.