Japanese women lose longest lifespan spot, Hong Kong takes top


Japanese women lose top spot in longevity rankings likely due to natural disasters last year.


Kiyoshi Ota

Japanese women have lost their longevity crown, according to Japan national statistics.

The Japanese Health Ministry said that the lifespan of women dropped to 85.9 years in 2011, down from 86.3 the year before, likely due to recent natural disasters.

Japanese women have held the top spot for 26 years consecutively until now, said Reuters.

Hong Kong's women now hold the top spot for life expectancy at 86.30 years according to official figures, said the BBC.

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Hong Kong officials say that the secret behind the longevity is exercise, a good diet and an excellent health care system.

“People in Hong Kong are meticulous with their diet nowadays,” said David Dai, a doctor in Hong Kong, reported the Wall Street Journal.

“We stick to an Asian diet. Vegetables are not a problem, and our eldest don’t [eat] a lot of meat. Food is steamed, or stir-fried. There’s not a lot of grease.” 

Similar lifespan declines in Japanese men were also recorded.

Japanese men live the sixth longest of all countries with Iceland in number one spot.