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Nike donates real gear to Egyptian athletes given fakes


T-shirts promoting the London Olympics go on sale in the newly opened Westfield Stratford City shopping centre adjacent to the Olympic Stadium on September 13, 2011 in London.


Oil Scarff

Nike is "just doing it" -- they're outfitting Egypt's athletes themselves after it emerged that their sportspeople were given fakes to save cash, reported the Associated Press

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Egypt's Olympic committee chairman explained they had purchased counterfeit Nike gear made in China due to budget constraints, said AP, a confession that so embarrassed the nation that the country's delegation head, Major General Ahmed Fouly, quickly offered to buy legit stuff.

No need, no need. "We are extremely happy that while these athletes are enjoying the greatest sporting event they will be able to wear genuine Nike product," Nike said Friday, according to AP

The authenticity issue first came to light on Twitter, where Egyptian swimming competitor Yomna Khallaf noticed the bags provided to athletes "have big nike logo in the front and the zippers are addidas :)" Whoops. 

But the episode has ended well, with Nike's new "training and village wear" due to arrive in London today, where it will be "delivered to the Egyptian delegation and then embellished and distributed to the athletes," the company told MSNBC by email. 

Yay! Free stuff!

Looks like London's Summer Games "already have their first winner," quipped MSNBC's Martha White.