New Yorker staff writer John Lee Anderson. (Photo: Courtesy The New Yorker)

Rebels in Aleppo, Syria's most populous city, are girding for a showdown. Host Aaron Schachter speaks with reporter Adrien Jaulmes inside Aleppo, and New Yorker staff writer Jon Lee Anderson on the outskirts of the city. Jaulmes says the rebels have been honing their tactics. "The regime sent some tanks against them. After a few hours the rebels managed to destroy three and capture one, which is not bad. And we've not seen any tanks since then," says Jaulmes. "Tanks are very impressive weapons but as soon as you know how to fight them — and these guys apparently have learned that — you can face them." The New Yorker's Jon Lee Anderson says local support for the rebels has been guarded. "it wasn't exactly like they were throwing garlands of flowers down in front of the fighters. I think in part because they are very aware of the danger yet to come," Anderson says.

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