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Olympic Vermin: What to watch while NBC doesn't broadcast the opening ceremonies


Casey Stoney of Great Britain and Katie Hoyle of New Zealand battle during a women's soccer match at the 2012 London Olympics at Millennium Stadium on July 25, 2012 in Cardiff, Wales.


Michael Regan

Yes, Twitter is abuzz about NBC's decision to not broadcast the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics live on the web.

Guardian editor Matt Wells pretty well summed up Twitter's collective anger today over the decision:

"NBC showing complete contempt for its audience by not showing or streaming Olympics opening ceremony live."

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In the spirit of full disclosure, I was none-too-pleased at the news myself. The grumpiness was universal here at GlobalPost HQ, where Olympic fever is running fast:

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But for those of us craving the latest action from London, fortunately the world still has London-based director Leo Bridle, as well as illustrator Amael Isnard.

The two have produced this little video gem, which shows what London's happy vermin population might do if it had its own opening ceremony:

Brill, indeed.

Here's how Fast Company describes this lovely work:

"Blending animation and live action, Olympic Vermin is set into motion when a squirrel finds a lit cigarette on the ground and hoists it in the air like a torch. What follows is a wild relay through Zone 2 in London, with all manner of critters working together to light the eternal flame."

It's great stuff, and should hold you over as you wait for the replay of the real ceremonies.

And for more Olympics news, analysis and results — with an emphasis on the global and the little-known athletes around the world — see GlobalPost's ongoing coverage.

As Editor of GlobalPost, and on behalf of my talented colleagues worldwide, I hereby make this solemn vow:

We'll be there till the last squirrel, pigeon and rat leaves.