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London bicyclists get arrested near Olympic Park




Tonight isn't just about the Olympics: there's also a less-glamorous athletic event happening in a city near you. On the last Friday of every month, bicyclists across the world ride together down city streets in an event called Critical Mass. Even the London chapter of Critical Mass was out riding tonight. But that ride ended with cyclists behind bars.

Kerry-Anne Mendoza, a London cyclist, said that the police directed the Critical Mass riders down a cul-de-sac near Olympic Park. But, according to Mendoza, the directions turned out to be a trap. "Then they kettled us in there. There is a line of police cars and vans behind that," Mendoza told BBC News

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"They have not communicated with us or told us why we are being held here or when they will let us out," she added. 

The Metropolitan Police told ITV News that 50 cyclists have been "temporarily detained."

Watch a video of the confrontation below: