WikiLeaks says Baltasar Garzón will lead defense of Assange against 'extrajudicial actions' and 'secret US processes'


Spanish judge Baltazar Garzon speaks during the forum 'Truth, Justice and Reparation', organized by the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, in Santo Domingo on June 4, 2012.



Baltasar Garzón, famous for his role in the arrest of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, is leading WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's legal team in the fight against "what he fears is an American scheme to eventually try" Assange for leaking secret documents, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

In a bilingual statement released on Twitter, the Spanish lawyer and former judge was said to have “serious concerns regarding the lack of safeguards and transparency whith [sic] which actions are being taken against Julian Assange,” according to the CSM.

In the same statement, which was posted by WikiLeaks, Garzón was said to have met Assange recently at the Ecuadorian embassy in Sweden. Assange has been at the embassy since June, where he sought refuge in advance of a planned extradition to Sweden for questioning over alleged sexual offenses. Assange has also sought asylum in Ecuador.

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The statement went on the claim that "secret US processes against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have compromised and contaminated other legal processes, including the extradition process against Mr Assange," while "extrajudicial actions by the international financial system" have targeted WikiLeaks.

Garzón, like his client, has become a controversial figure. Famous for taking on a dictator and using the doctrine of universal jurisdiction, he was disbarred earlier this year after he was found guilty of ordering illegal monitoring.

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Garzón is coordinating Assange's legal representation in Britain, the United States, Sweden, Ecuador and Australia.

Russia Today discusses the news more in this video: