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Two UC Davis neuroscientists banned from human experiments after scandal


Two UC Davis surgeons banned from human research after doing bacteria tests in patient's brain.



Two neuroscientists at UC Davis have come under fire for experimenting on brain cancer patients.

The scientists were said to have used the palliative care patients to experiment with bacteria that could potentially prolong their lives.

According to the New Scientist, J. Paul Muizelaar and Rudolph Schrot were banned from doing research on human subjects after repeated warnings about their behavior.

Both had worked together for over a dozen years.

The Sacramento Bee said that one of the scientists had already been ordered a cease and desist warning regarding experiement on human subjects.

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Despite the harsh measures taken against them, the Associated Press reported that documents show that the neuroscientists had obtained permission from the three patients to add bacteria into their brains to better understand post-operative infections.

Medical Daily reported that one of the patients even contacted the doctors to test the theory on their brain.

Two of those patients subsequently developed sepsis and died soon after.

Another lived for almost a year longer before dying.