Villa Clara's short stop Aledmis Diaz (center) tries to put out Industriales' Mayeta during their final playoff baseball game in the Cuban National Series in Havana. (Photo: Enrique De La Osa/REUTERS)

For the Geo quiz, we're inviting you to knock it out of the park. We are looking for a city in the Netherlands that recently hosted a baseball tournament won not by the host nation, but by Cuba. The city is just a dozen miles west of The Hague and its nickname is the "flower city." But it is the official name that we are looking for. If you're from New York, you will be most familiar with that name. Haarlem, in the Netherlands, is the answer to the Geo Quiz. It is here that at a baseball tournament this past weekend, Cuba beat the United States and went on to win the final. That is a good news for the Cubans, but the bad news is that they lost one of their players. Short stop Aledmis Díaz has gone missing. The assumption is that he has defected. Anchor Aaron Schachter talks to Andy Houtkamp, a sports commentator for the Dutch broadcaster NOS and a former amateur world baseball player, to get more details.

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