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Anonymous deodorgrams tell your friends they stink


The Arizona-based company will mail the Deodorgram to your smelly friend anonymously without any identifiable return address.


A new service called deodorgram helps make telling someone they stink a little easier.

The personalized, lavender-scented deodorant called For Pits Sake, is sent anonymously to a friend or acquaintance that you believe should brush up on their personal hygiene.

The company's return address is the only identifiable source on the package.

"Deodorgrams provide a novel way to get a great natural and toxin-free product in to the hands of someone who might not otherwise try it, or make the switch from their regular stick," said company president Cam Proudfoot, according to Yahoo News.

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Along with a stick of deodorant, the recipient gets either a personalized message or one chosen by the company.

CBC News reported a few examples: "You've always been such a cute little stinker, now you can just be cute and little!"

Another reads: "Please enjoy this hard working natural deodorant sent to you from a caring friend."

The company is not responsible for destroyed friendships and any bodily harm that may come from sending such a gift.