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'Goat man' spotted with mountain goat herd in Utah mountains (VIDEO)


Wildlife officials in Utah are trying to identify "goat man" -- a man dressed as a goat spotted with a wild mountain goat herd.

Wildlife officials in Utah are trying to track down a man dressed in a goat suit seen frolicking with a herd of wild mountain goats.

Photographer Coty Creighton snapped several pictures after spotting "goat man," as he's been dubbed, while on a hike last week, Salt Lake City TV station KTSU reported.

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Noticing one goat trailing behind the rest of the goat herd, Creighton picked up his binoculars for a closer look and was shocked.

The "goat" was actually a man dressed in a crudely made white goat costume with fake horns and a cloth mask with cut-out eye holes, according to The Associated Press.

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"I thought, `What is this guy doing?' " Creighton told the AP. "He was actually on his hands and knees. He was climbing over rocks and bushes and pretty rough terrain on a steep hillside."

The man occasionally pulled up his goat mask to get a better view of the rocky terrain below, and froze when the two spotted each other.

"He kind of slouched down, like was getting nervous or was feeling really self-conscious," Creighton said, according to Fox News. "He actually got off his hands and knees and sat on the hill for several minutes until he thought I was gone."

Utah wildlife officials told the AP the man isn't breaking any laws, but they want to talk with him about potential dangers.

They worry he could be attacked by a real goat or -- even worse -- accidentally shot when goat hunting season begins in September, Gawker reported.