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Series of deadly attacks grip Iraq


Iraqis inspect the damage after a wave of attacks in Baghdad killed at least 63 people on December 22, 2011.



A series of bombs exploded today in Iraq, Kuwait News Agency reported. The violence erupted just as Muslims across Iraq were breaking their daytime fast observed during Ramadan. The bombs killed at least 79 people and wounded more than 130, making today the country's deadliest in nearly three weeks, Agence France-Presse reported

The string of 19 separate attacks shows that Iraq is still suffering from violence even as US troops have pulled out of the country, the Associated Press reported. While most of the recent attacks appear to be done by Sunni Muslim insurgents targeting Shiites, the latest violence may be the reverse. The bombs in this case struck towns where the majority of people are Sunni, the AP reported. Still, it's not yet clear who is responsible for these attacks. 

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“People are worried that these attacks might ignite sectarian violence again,” Ali Kamal, a warehouse owner in Iraq, told the AP. “Especially when it coincides with the Syrian events.”

The city of Mahmudiyya was hit by three blasts, including a rocket attack on a hospital, BBC News reported. A car bomb also exploded in Najaf, and yet another explosion hit a police station in Mosul.