Lab technician who posed as doctor guilty of sexual assault on teen


A blood lab technician in Canada was found guilty of sexual assault after posing as a doctor to fondle patient.


Spencer Platt

A blood lab technician was found guilty by an Ontario court after sexually assaulting a teen.

Patrick Guiste was convicted Friday of sexual assault after posing as a doctor in order to fondle an 18-year-old patient.

The technician told the teen after a blood test to check for pregnancy that she also needed an ECG heart test, said the Ottawa Citizen.

According to the Ottawa Sun, the tech then rubbed gel on her wrists, ankles and chest before attaching the electrodes.

He then stroked her nipples and used a rubber glove while feeling inside her vagina.

The victim said that the lab technician, which she believed to be a doctor because of his white lab coat, stayed in the room while she got dressed.

The judge said that there were a number of holes in the girl's story, including the fact that she gave him her Blackberry Messenger pin number afterwards and texted him "LOL" when he later messaged her for nude pictures.

The judge said that despite the frailties in the argument, the girl was clearly the victim.

“She trusted in the fact the accused was a doctor and would not take advantage of her,” said Ontario Court Justice Jacqueline Loignon, after calling the girl an “unsophisticated 18-year-old," reported the Ottawa Sun.

“She submitted to what she believed were legitimate tests.”

In his defense, Guiste said that he had been the victim of a disappointed admirer who sought his attention.