JonBenet Ramsey intruder theory doubted by detective in new book


The grave of JonBenet Ramsey is shown August 16, 2006 in Marietta, Georgia.


Barry Williams

JonBenet Ramsey, the 6-year-old girl found dead in her home in 1996, was probably not murdered by an intruder, a lead detective in the case claims in a new book.

James Kolar, a former lead investigator on the Ramsey case for the Boulder County District Attorney's Office, doesn't actually say who he thinks is responsible for the murder, the Associated Press reported

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Police initially accused the young girl's family members of the crime. But a grand jury determined there was no evidence to indict her family, and the DA's office later came up with a theory that an intruder broke into the house and killed her. To date, no one has been charged with the girl's murder, and the case remains unsolved. 

Kolar was hired by the DA's office to tackle the case in 2004, when the intruder theory was being embraced. But in his book, Kolar says cobwebs and glass indicated that the window where the intruder supposedly entered had never been opened, the Daily Camera reported

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In addition, Kolar says markings on JonBenet's body were inconsistent with markings from a stun gun, which some people theorized had been used in her kidnapping. Yet the DA's office ignored him and stuck with the intruder theory, Kolar claims. 

"I was kind of discouraged they didn't want to pursue things I thought should be looked at," Kolar told the Daily Camera. "I was kind of discouraged the work I had done was not being received well."

Kolar left the DA's office in 2006. “By the time I parted company with the DA’s office, I was convinced that there was no significant possibility that an intruder had been involved in the death of JonBenet,” Kolar wrote in his book, according to The Daily Beast

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