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Yahoo to pay Marissa Mayer up to $100M over 5 years


SAN FRANCISCO - Google Vice President of Search Product and User Experience Marissa Mayer speaks during an announcement September 8, 2010 in San Francisco, California.


Justin Sullivan

Marissa Mayer, the newly-appointed CEO of Yahoo, will receive up to $100 million in salary, stock and bonuses if she stays in her position for five years, the Internet company has disclosed in SEC filings, according to the Financial Times.

On top of an annual $1 million base salary, Mayer, 37, will receive an annual bonus of up to $4 million if she exceeds targets, the company said, according to the Financial Times. She will also be awarded equity twice a year, plus a one-time retention equity award of $30 million that vests over five years. Some of the stock awards are based on performance.

Mayer also gets a one-time stock grant of $14 million to compensate her for losing money by leaving Google Inc., the New York Times reported.

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Mayer is expected to collect about $5.4 million from Yahoo in 2012 and about $20 million per year after that, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Yahoo is offering Mayer a more generous pay package than her immediate predecessors Scott Thompson and Carol Bart were given, the New York Times reported.

Colin Gillis, an analyst at BGC Partners, told the New York Times that Mayer’s compensation package was big. “But,” he added, “Yahoo is a multi-billion dollar company. If she can create value, it’s a small percentage. If she doesn’t, she’ll join a long succession of Yahoo C.E.O.’s with sizeable pay packages who did not add value.”

Before jumping to Yahoo on Tuesday, Mayer was Google's vice president of local, maps and location services, the Wall Street Journal reported. Her net worth is already estimated to be $300 million.

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