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Colombia toddler rescued after falling into sewer shaft (VIDEO)


Three-year-old Jeampier Silvera Arteta fell into a sewer shaft in Barranquilla, Colombia, on Tuesday night and was only rescued when workers spotted him in the drainage pipe on Wednesday.


The Telegraph

Three-year-old Jeampier Silvera Arteta was rescued Wednesday after falling into a sewer shaft in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Jeampier was reported missing after disappearing while playing with his two brothers at a construction site in the northern Colombian city on Tuesday evening, reported BBC News. The rescue team searched the sewers in the area where the boy went missing twice before they found him on Wednesday, 18 hours after he disappeared.

According to The Telegraph, civil defense member Herson Montenegro said he was glad they decided to do a second sweep of the Sourdis neighborhood sewer system.

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"It was an intense search. Thank God we found the boy in one of the sweeps of the area," Montenegro said to The Telegraph. "We had already searched the sewers the first time and we hadn't found him. Thank God the second time we searched, the boy was there. He was close to being swept into a hole in the sewer."

Video of the rescue shows Jeampier, wearing a green t-shirt, holding the side of the sewer while water rushes through the drainage pipe, reported the New York Daily News. The boy was pulled out of the sewer and rushed to a hospital as rescue workers applauded.