Under fire over taxes, Romney blasts Obama as anti-success


US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is set to address the NAACP on July 11, 2012.



Under rising pressure to release additional tax returns, Mitt Romney blasted President Barack Obama on Wednesday as being anti-success.

"This idea of criticizing and attacking success, of demonizing those in all walks of life who have been successful is so foreign to us we simply don't understand it," Reuters quoted Romney as telling a townhall-style meeting in the swing state of Ohio.

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He accused Obama of attacking free enterprise when he said last week: "If you have a business, you didn't build that," a reference to how companies cannot succeed alone and need public services like roads and bridges.

Romney and other leading Republicans are pouncing on the remark, even making it a Twitter hashtag, citing it as proof that the president is out of touch.\

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The Obama campaign is accusing Romney of distorting the president's words.

Romney is facing increased pressure from Democrats to  release more of his tax returns. They also keep hounding him about discrepancies over when he left his private equity firm, Bain Capital, The Associated Press reported.

Romney claims he had "no responsibility whatsoever" at Bain Capital after February 1999. But SEC filings list him as sole owner and CEO through February 2001, according to a new web video released Wednesday by the Obama campaign.

The former Massachusetts governor hasn't chosen his running mate yet, but that decision could come as soon as this week, Bloomberg reported.