A screenshot of one YouTube video reportedly showing a Damascus funeral that draws a large anti Assad crowd in the Al Moazzini neighborhood. This is reportedly the funeral of Mohammed Loay Al Halabi who was killed by the Assad regime. Video taken July 18, 2012.
Credit: YouTube

International journalists may be barred from accessing much of Syria, but those experiencing the conflict first-hand continue to find ways to bring images of the fighting and hardship to the outside world. Syrians are sharing their struggles via videos posted to YouTube and social media sites. Here, GlobalPost shares the videos found on Twitter, YouTube and more. 

Video by AbdoDumani. Posted July 17, 2012.
The video shows troops and at least one tank heading south down a main highway into the center of Damascus. According to The New York Times, YouTube user AbdoDumani has posted several videos in the past, however the timestamp of the video could not be confirmed. The location of the video has been confirmed. 



Video by talbisah uploaded July 18, 2012. 
The video shows something being dropped from a helicopter causing a large explosion. According to Reuters, activists said helicopters fired rockets at the central Midan district, the suburb of Kfar Batna and the Palestinian Yarmouk camp on the southern edge of the capital, adding that helicopter mounted machine guns were used against the nearby district of Hajar al-Aswad. The videos location cannot be confirmed. 


Video by activists obtained by CNN, uploaded July 17, 2012. 
CNN obtained a video by activists who reportedly had to sneak into Damascus. Once there, CNN reported that the activists were able to take video of what they called a "massacre."


Video by Souria2011archives, uploaded June 18, 2012. 
This video reportedly shows Syrian refugees celebrating in Turkey after hearing of the Damascus bombings. The location of the video could not be confirmed. 


Livefeed video by UStream user mnsor-m. Taken July 16-18, 2012, aired on Al Jeezera same day. 
The man taking this video told The New York Times his name is Jacob Hosein. The Times confirmed the location of the video to be Midan, a neighborhood of Damascus. 

Video streaming by Ustream

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