Romney heads overseas to court American voters


Mitt Romney speaks to supporters on Jan. 19, 2012 in Charleston, South Carolina.


Joe Raedie

Mitt Romney is heading overseas to court American voters living abroad.

As NBC News noted, despite the campaign rhetoric about “sending jobs overseas,” more than five million Americans live and work overseas.

Their votes and possibly more importantly, their dollars, make them highly desirable to both the presumptive Republican candidate and President Barack Obama.

Romney is slated to visit London and Jerusalem at the end of July. He will be fundraising while in London for the Olympics, the Boston Globe reported.

Attending Romney’s London dinner comes with a hefty price tag: a contribution of $25,000. Price of admission to the Jerusalem fundraiser will run a couple $50,000, unless you've raised $100,000 for the Republican's campaign, NBC reported.

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According to the Globe, both candidates have their eyes set on Asia, as well.

Romney has reportedly sent "two of his sons to Hong Kong to raise money," while Obama backers held a fundraiser in Shanghai last week.

Next month actor George Clooney, an ardent Obama supporter, is reportedly heading to Geneva to raise money for the president's re-election bid.