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Kim Jong Un's mystery lady might be a rock star


This picture, taken on July 6, 2012 by North Korean official Korean Central News Agency and released on July 9, shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (C), accompanied by a young woman, enjoying a demonstration performance given by the newly organized Moranbong band in Pyongyang.



Today in unlikely music news: a popular singer might be dating the Supreme Leader of North Korea. In recent weeks, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, who was recently named marshal of the military, has been photographed at public events standing next to a mystery lady – a short-haired, attractive woman with an unknown identify.

Last week, North Korea's Rodong Sinmun newspaper ran a photo of Kim and the woman, but didn't identify her. The "mystery lady" has also made front-page news in South Korean media, according to the Associated Press. With much speculation being made about her identify, South Korean intelligence sources told the Daily Telegraph that the woman is Hyon Song Wol, the former lead singer of a music group called the Bochonbo Electronic Music Band. 

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According to the Telegraph, the band is responsible for a number of major pop hits in North Korea, the most popular song being a 2005 tune called "Excellent Horse-Like Lady." Sources told the Telegraph that Hyon and Kim had been together for 10 years, but were ordered to break up by his father, dictator Kim Jong Il. Hyon went on to marry a soldier and have a baby. Now that Kim Jong Il has died, Kim and Hyon may have started hanging out again. But there haven't been any reports about what happened to Hyon's husband or her baby, the Telegraph said. 

In any case, the music is pretty catchy. Here is the music video for a song from the band called "I love Pyongyang," and more music videos from the group are posted on the Huffington Post