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Gaza: Hamas hangs 3, including 'Israel collaborator'


Palestinian Hamas supporters celebrate in the streets of Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip after Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi (portraits) claimed victory in the presidential race, on June 18, 2012.



Authorities in Hamas-controlled Gaza strip have hanged two men for murder and a third for collaborating with Israel, according to reports.

Al Jazeera cited an interior ministry statement as denouncing one man — a Palestinian — as a traitor who helped Israel.

The Hamas-run ministry identified the executed men only by their initials, and no details of the cases against them were given.

The executions were carried out "in accordance with our religion [and the] rulings of Palestinian law," the ministry statement said, Reuters reported.

A total of 14 Palestinians have been executed since the Islamist group seized the Gaza Strip, according to Reuters.

Collaboration with Israel, along with murder and drug trafficking, is punishable by death.

The Palestinian president is supposed to have the final say on whether executions are carried out.

However, since the split between Hamas-controlled Gaza and the Palestinian-Authority-run West Bank but Hamas does not does not recognize the authority of President Mahmoud Abbas, according to the BBC.

Since 2007, Gaza courts have handed out 30 death sentences mainly against people convicted of helping Israeli security forces.

Israel's intelligence services recruit informers to gather intelligence about pending attacks and possible targets for militants.

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