'The Cherry Thing': Sweden's Neneh Cherry and The Thing


The Cherry Thing

There's a truly mind-blowing new album called "The Cherry Thing" by Swedish singer Neneh Cherry and the Swedish-Norwegian jazz trio The Thing.

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Neneh Cherry is perhaps best known for the hit single "Buffalo Stance" from 1989.

The are a lot of elements in "The Cherry Thing" sound: soul, jazz, noise, rock. Somehow it all blends together surprisingly well. It may seem Neneh Cherry and The Thing are an unlikely couple, but they really are a very natural match.

The Thing are named after a song by Neneh's step-father, free-jazz giant Don Cherry. They have also recorded several of his songs since they formed in 2000. The addition of Neneh Cherry adds a welcome warmth to their sound.

Neneh Cherry holds her own against the sonic attack from The Thing making this the best of both worlds.
I'm pretty sure you won't hear another album like "The Cherry Thing" this year or the next one for that matter.