The Abu Dhabi Crude Oil pipeline will carry oil from fields in Abu Dhabi to Fujairah on the Gulf of Oman. (Photo: International Petroleum Investment Company)

For our Geo Quiz, can you name all seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates? Just kidding. We're looking for just one of the seven. This emirate has a long shoreline along the Gulf of Oman. The beaches there attract tourists who like to jet ski and windsurf. For hikers, this emirate also offers plenty of mountainous terrain. In fact the Emirate steep terrain makes it a challenge to build infrastructure. The latest example involves a major new oil pipeline that's opened. More than a million barrels a day of Abu Dhabi's oil can flow through it. When the crude reaches the terminal, it's loaded onto supertankers for the journey across the Indian Ocean to Asia. So can you name the terminus of this new oil pipeline that bypasses the Strait of Hormuz? Bloomberg's Middle East energy correspondent Anthony De Paola was at the opening of the new pipeline, which originates in the oil fields of Abu Dhabi, and ends in Fujairah, one of the United Arab Emirates, and the answer to our Geo Quiz.

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