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Former president of Brazil accused of practicing black magic by ex-wife


Senator and former President Fernando Collor de Melo has been accused by his ex-wife, Rosane Collor, of participating in black magic rituals during his 1990 to 1992 presidency.



SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Rosane Collor, former wife of Brazil's ex-President Fernando Collor de Melo for 22 years, said the former head of state practiced black magic rituals during his 1990 to 1992 presidency.

"There were rituals in cemeteries, very powerful rituals. And with the animals it was a massacre, with chickens, bulls, cows and animals that were sacrificed," Collor said of her former-husband's habits, according to Agência EFE. "When I met Fernando he already went to these 'environments' and when we were married he also practiced."

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Collor went on to tell journalists from Globo TV's Fantástico, where she gave her interview, that the black magic rituals were commanded by a witch named Maria Cecília, who is now an evangelical pastor, like Collor herself. Maria Cecília appeared in photos alongside Melo, now a senator whose alliances lie with current President Dilma Rousseff, after being impeached for corruption in 1992.

But black magic isn't the only sordid activity Collor accused Melo of participating in, reported Band. She also said the former president lied about his ties to Paulo Cesar Farias, also known as PC Farias, who at one time ran a corruption scheme within the government and who died under strange circumstances in 1993. And all of the details outing Melo's questionable behavior will be revealed in Collor's book, which she is writing with journalist Fábio Fabretti.

"I consider myself a live archive," Collor said, according to Band. "I say in all interviews, and I've even said in court, that if something happens in my life, the majority of the responsibility will lie with Fernando Collor de Melo."