Cyprus: Man arrested in connection with plot against Israeli tourists


The Israeli government says that it believes Hezbollah behind suspected plot in Cyprus.



LIMMASOL - The Israeli government believes that Hezbollah is behind a suspected plot against Israeli tourists in Cyprus.

A Swedish man of Lebanese descent was arrested July 7 in the Cypriot city of Limmasol on suspicions of "security offences," after being accused of following Israeli tourists.

Reuters reported that the 24-year-old had yet to be charged with anything.

It is still unclear as to what the man was doing but the Wall Street Journal reported that Cypriot police were tipped off by foreign security services about his activities on the island.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the Cypriot Justice and Public Order Minister Loucas Louca said foreign agencies were involved but could not say more about the case.

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“This is a serious and delicate case and any statements may harm the case,” he told reporters on Sunday, said the Jerusalem Post.

"Let's leave the case to run its course, allow investigators to finish their job and we'll see where we'll conclude."

The Israeli Prime Minister said Sunday that he was certain Iran was behind the plot.

Iran, known to fund the Lebanese militia group Hezbollah, is said to be seeking revenge for the assaninations of its nuclear scientists.

Hezbollah has vowed revenge for the killing of one of its top commanders in Damascus in 2006.