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Solar storm from the sun heads toward Earth


NASA has found a solar storm emanating from the sun heading toward Earth.



The sun has released a massive solar storm headed for Earth, says NASA.

The storm, or solar flare, was released from the sun on Thursday and has been rated an X1.4 event, meaning it is likely too weak to damage satellites.

Space reported that the so-called coronal mass ejections risk the possibility of disrupted communications systems and electrical grids on Earth.

Sometimes, however, they can be helpful.

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High-energy solar flares have been said to sometimes enhance reach of radio signals and, Space reported, even allow old-time telegraphs to function without a direct power outlet.

According to the Capitol Column, NASA stated that the flare was released from a sunspot facing Earth.

In March, one of the largest solar storms in the last decade made contact with Earth but the predicted disruptions never occured, reported ABC News.

The current storm will arrive sometime Saturday morning.