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Krista McCann, fleeing Colorado wildfire, crashes and sparks Idaho fire (VIDEO)


Krista McCann



A 19-year-old woman fleeing Colorado's Waldo Canyon wildfire for her father's home in Oregon crashed and sparked a wildfire of her own in Idaho.

Krista McCann told Boise TV station KTVB she left the Colorado Springs area after loading up her car with valuable possessions that included her mother's wedding dress.

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She intended to surprise her dad in Ontario, Ore., but lost control of her car trying to pass a Jeep on Interstate 84 near Boise and careened off the highway.

Her car burst into flames, sparking a fire that burned nearly 2,000 acres before crews got it under control Wednesday, USA Today reported.

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"I know I got out and I saw that the field was on fire and at that point I was just ... I was pretty devastated," McCann told KTVB. "I didn't want to do anything like that."

Idaho State Police said mechanical failure caused McCann to lose control of the vehicle.

She escaped unharmed, but lost everything except for the contents of her purse, according to The Associated Press.

"This is a chance to start completely over," McCann told KTVB. "I have nothing. So I'll start with a new wardrobe and a new car, and a new state of mind. And I'll just move forward."

The Waldo Canyon fire killed two people and destroyed nearly 350 homes, making it the most destructive in Colorado history.