India: Viral video of mob molesting young girl sparks outrage (VIDEO)


A video went viral of a young woman being molested by at least 20 men, sparking outrage across India.



A mob of at least 20 men was caught on film attacking a young girl on a busy street in the Indian city of Guwahati, the Washington Post reported. The graphic footage shows the men beating, molesting and stripping the girl. After the footage was uploaded to YouTube, horrified locals responded with angry Tweets and posts online.

Guwahati residents also made a d.i.y billboard showing the faces of the men in the video. “Please identify them. Your near and dear ones could also be victims of these predators. Please identify them and inform the nearest police station,” read the text on the billboard, according to the Post. 

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The video was filmed by reporters from a local Assamese television news channel on Monday. The reporters were trying to stop the mob but were heavily outnumbered, the Wall Street Journal reported

"It was almost like a gang-rape," a reporter who filmed the attack, Dipya Bordoloi, told NDTV

The attack occurred for 30 minutes before the police rescued the girl. But no arrests were made initially, NDTV reported. As public outcry erupted about molestation, three people were arrested two days later. "We will not let this go unpunished," Tweeted Bijoya Chakravarty, a member of the parliament, according to NDTV. 

The Assam Tribune said that reports of molestations in India doubled between 2007 and 2010.