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Canadian motorcyclist who posted YouTube footage of 186mph ride ID'd (VIDEO)


Screengrab from the video posted on YouTube of the Canadian motorcyclist riding at 186 miles per hour on a busy highway.

A Canadian motorcyclist who videotaped himself reaching speeds of at least 186 miles per hour on a busy British Columbia highway has been identified as Randy George Scott, 25, of Victoria.

Scott — whose video on YouTube has been viewed nearly a million times — was on the run from police, CNN reported.

According to CBC, the video was posted a week ago under the account name Joe Blow.

The video shows Scott weaving in and out of traffic in a 50 mph zone on the busy Trans-Canada highway, with the speedometer reading 186 mph.

British Columbia authorities think his true speed may have been faster, CNN wrote.

"You can hear him accelerating even when it says 299 kilometers per hour," Sgt. Dean Jantzen told CNN.

After identifying the IP address and the internet service provider used to post the anonymous video on YouTube, and receiving tips from the public, the Saanich Police Department added Scott to their most-wanted list.

"We have a dedicated group of traffic safety officers and that is a very dramatic example of some obviously dangerous driving," Jantzen said.

CBC separately cited Saanich police as saying that Scott had 25 previous infractions, and that his mother was the registered owner of the bike, which was not insured.

The bike — which police said was a Yamaha R1 — had been seized but no charges yet laid.

Scott could serve up to five years in jail if convicted, according to Saanich police.

One of those commenting on the YouTube video writes: "What you don't hear is the 'What a dick" being said by every driver of every vehicle he passes." 

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