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Prisoners disembowel another inmate to eat his liver


A clip from "Guinea Pigs," broadcast by Dutch channel BNN, in which two presenters eat a small chunk of one another's fried flesh.



Two UK prisoners have been sentenced to life behind bars for murdering a fellow inmate, a convicted child rapist, Chronicle Live reported. But this wasn't about getting justice. Their motive? They just wanted to eat his liver. Both men pleaded guilty to the murder.

Nathan Mann and Michael Parr were staying at the Frankland Prison, where some of the UK's most dangerous inmates are kept. They attacked Harrison first by luring him into their cell. After Harrison entered, Parr pinned him down, while Mann slit the victim's throat, stabbed him in the eye and cut open his stomach, Chronicle Live said. 

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Mann's weapon was a scalpel fashioned from plastic cutlery and a razor blade, BBC News reported

Throughout the trial, the court heard that Mann and Parr both had fantasies about beheading other prisoners and cutting out their stomachs. One witness said that Mann had "cannibalistic urges." However, after cutting out the victim's stomach, they decided not to eat his liver after all, the BBC said. 

The victim's family released a statement after the sentencing, obtained by the The Daily Record: "Although we never condoned his past actions, he was serving his time and was by all accounts a model, trusted prisoner who did not deserve to die in this horrific way."

Prison guards agree that Harrison was a "model prisoner." It's still not clear how such a gruesome murder could have taken place under the watch of prison security. Prison officials said they are currently doing an independent investigation into the matter. "We take the responsibility of keeping staff, prisoners and visitors safe extremely seriously," a spokesman told the BBC.