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Katie Couric becomes the face of Iraqi electricity


Katie Couric has (unknowingly) become the face of Iraqi electricity.



Apparently Katie Couric's perky nature can transcend language and culture. 

In an attempt to curb protests over the government's failure to provide adequate electricity services, Iraqi officials have decided to plaster Couric's face on billboards throughout Baghdad. 

Habib Harbi, who sells watermelon in the summer and sweets in the winter, told The New York Times that, “It doesn’t give me hope about electricity, but I like to see her beautiful face."

Musaab al-Mudarrs, the spokesman for the Electricity Ministry, also told The New York Times, “We were looking for a bright and optimistic face that inspires the people to imagine a better future for electricity." He added that they did not ask for Couric's permission to use the photograph. Mudarrs said they picked her photo because she was not too young or too old and was dressed appropriately for the billboard.

AFP Baghdad bureau chief Prashant Rao also blogged about a Couric sighting on Monday, adding that seeing her smiling face in the middle of Baghdad was a "bizarre" sight. 

In a phone interview with The New York Times Couric said, "I am calling my lawyer." She quickly added with a laugh, "I'm kidding."

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