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Brazilian Cup: post-game shootings kill eight people

Players will face off under the sun in Brazil World Cup.


Anne-Christine Poujoulat

On Wednesday, the Palmeiras soccer team won its first major trophy since 1999 with its victory at the Brazilian cup, the Associated Press reported. But while many people in Sao Paulo were celebrating the win, criminals were taking advantage of the post-game partying.  

Eight people have been shot dead during post-game celebrations, reported. The shootings took place in Osasco, a suburb of Sao Paulo. At least nine people total have been shot, although one of the shooting victims survived.

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Police said that men driving motorbikes and cars traveled through Osasco while indiscriminately shooting their guns, BBC News reported. The attacks occurred near bars where drug deals occur.

It's unclear if the shootings are all related to each other or to the Brazilian Cup. None of the victims were wearing uniforms of the winning team, iG reported. "The criminals took advantage of the time when people were setting off fireworks to disguise the sound of their guns," a police statement said, according to the BBC. 

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