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'Mission to Lars': An Austistic Man's Journey to Meet Metallica Drummer

For the Global Hit we would like you to meet Tom Spicer. Spicer is a 40-year-old man with a form of autism called Fragile X Syndrome.

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He is also a man obsessed with the heavy metal band Metallica, and is a huge fan of its drummer, Lars Ulrich.

Spicer had a long dream of meeting Lars and his siblings set out to make that dream come true and made a documentary about it.

It is called "Mission to Lars" and premieres in the US on Thursday.

Spicer lives in England, where he usually works in a special-needs facility, stuffing newspaper into animal bedding. His sister, Kate, is a journalist and his brother Will is a filmmaker.

The three of them flew from England to Los Angeles to catch Metallica on tour and just maybe, to meet the drummer. Kate and Will say the journey also helped them to know their brother better.

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    Tom Spicer with Metallica's Lars Ulrich. (Photo: video grab)


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    Tom Spicer with Metallica's Lars Ulrich. (Photo: video grab)