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UFC: 5 things you need to know about tonight's fight (VIDEO)


Brazil's Anderson Silva (R) is attacked by his compatriot Demian Maia during their Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 112 middleweight bout in Abu Dhabi on April 10, 2010. Silva won the fight.


Karim Sahib

UFC fever has struck, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship gears up to air its 148 fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen Saturday night from MGM Grand Garden arena, USA Today reported

Here, we round up five things you need to know about tonight's fight. 

1. It's almost two years in the making. 

Much of the buzz over tonight's fight started back in August 2010, when the pair first fought. Anderson Silva made a surprise comeback after being dominated by Oregon native Sonnen for all five rounds of the match, Sports Illustrated reported

In the final two minutes of the match, however, Silva got Sonnen to submit with a move called a triangle armbar, defeating Sonnen despite his sizeable lead on the judge's scorecards, according to Sports Illustrated. 

"If it's not the No. 1 rivalry in the history of the UFC, it's right up there," UFC President Dana White told USA Today of the Silva-Sonnen matchup. 

2. Brazil is caught in the crossfire (as is Silva's wife.)  

The battle didn't end in the Octagon (UFC's eight-sided ring): the two fighters traded verbal barbs as well. Sonnen had been vocally demanding a rematch, and after Silva threatened to knock out Sonnen's teeth, Sonnen retorted with an insult about Silva's home country of Brazil, according to Fightline

"Well, that's like the big threat in Brazil, 'We're gonna send you to the dentist,'" Sonnen said. "...There's something wrong with your tooth in Brazil, some doctor waves a fishbone in front of your face and hopes your mouth feels better."

Sonnen also reportedly attacked Silva's wife, saying he would slap her if she didn't make him a steak, according to Cage Junkies, though the fighter later denied the statement. 

Needless to say, the trash talk is worth watching alone. Speaking of which...

3. Over 1 million people plan to tune in. 

UFC's Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta told the Chicago Tribune that said the ticket sales have reached $6.5 million, 20 percent more than UFC's 2006 record.

Pay-per-view sales are trending toward more than 1 million buys, Fertitta said, another possible record for the Ultimate Fighting Championship franchise. 

That's a lot of eyes on one fight. 

4. There are three black belts entering the Octagon.

All belong to Silva, who is highly trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Judo and Taekwondo, Fox Sports News reported.

"Silva is a true student of the game," wrote Fox. "His vast skill set makes him a highly unpredictable foe." 

Sonnen, meanwhile, is a Greco-Roman specialist, who took the silver medal at the World Greco-Roman wrestling championships in 2000. 

5. The winner may head to Disneyland. 

If Silva repeats his 2010 victory, he's got one destination on his mind.

"I'm going to Disneyland," Silva said with a laugh when the Chicago Tribune asked him what he will do if he wins Saturday. 

We're still waiting to hear from Sonnen on his Disneyland plans. 

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