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Onward To the Final Victory: Kim Jong Un gets his own theme tune (VIDEO)


The song is accompanied by a video showing various North Korean achievements.

He's got the title, he's got the outfit, and now he's got the theme tune: yes, North Korea's Kim Jong Un has truly arrived.

The Outstanding Leader's official song, 'Onward to the Final Victory,' was launched a couple of weeks ago and has been getting a lot of airtime since on state TV and radio, according to The Atlantic

The site has helpfully translated the lyrics, which go heavy on the theme of "the powerful, prosperous nation."

The "final victory" of the title, John Delury, professor in international studies at Yonsei University in Seoul, tells The Atlantic, is presumably the reunification of the two Koreas.

The phrase, as The Guardian notes, is taken from Kim's first ever televized speech, in April, in which he said national pride was more important than peace and rallied: "Let us go on to our final victory."

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The song "hardens the will of the Korean army and people," according to the state-run Korean Central News Agency, KCNA.

With charming understatement, Vice-Minister of Culture Hong Kwang Sun said it was "just a powerful trumpet call of the revolution encouraging the army and people in the drive to build a thriving nation as well as a stirring drumbeat of victory."

Yeah, but can you dance to it?

The good news is yes, though probably all in lines and all at the same time. The song begins with a rousing fanfare that reminds this author at least of Star Wars, before a male choir launches in to the accompaniment of military drumming and cymbals.

The Guardian's music critic, Alexis Petridis, gives it two thumbs up for vigor – but admits that it gets "pretty wearying" around the two-minute mark.

Judge for yourself: 

And see how it compares with Kim Jong Il's more solemn title tune, 'No Motherland Without You':