Mitt Romney deflects criticism (VIDEO)


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been fielding criticism from prominent conservatives over running a playing-it-safe campaign.


Alex Wong

Mitt Romney took a break from his vacation on Friday to deflect criticism that he lacks a bold vision or detailed plans, according to The Wall Street Journal.

"I have a plan. My plan calls for action," Romney said before going through his policy initiatives.

"I don't say much to critics," Romney said, according to The Journal. "I put out 59 steps on how I’d get the economy going and I don’t think I’ve seen any from the president that show what he’s planning on doing."

Romney also took the chance to criticize President Obama over the jobs report that was released on Friday, saying, "We have seen the jobs report this morning and it is another kick in the gut to middle-class families," according to MSNBC.

Responding to criticism about taking a vacation at this time, Romney said, "You know, I'm delighted to be able to take a vacation with my family."

"I think all Americas appreciate the memories they have with their children and their grandchildren. I hope more Americans are able to take vacations, and if I'm president of the United States I'm going to work very hard to make sure we have good jobs for all Americans who want good jobs and as part of a good job the capacity to take a vacation now and then with their loved ones," he said, according to MSNBC.

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Romney has been taking a lot of heat from prominent conservatives who say that the Republican presidential candidate is playing it safe, according to the Associated Press.

The Wall Street Journal led the charge with an editorial on Thursday that said the Romney campaign was "slowly squandering an historic opportunity."

William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, wrote on Thursday, "Adopting a prevent defense when it’s only the second quarter and you’re not even ahead is dubious enough as a strategy," according to the AP.

Laura Ingraham said on her radio show Thursday, "This is not Romney, this is the advisers telling him, ‘Oh, it’s fine. Take a week.’ There’s no week to spare! We have a country to save!" referring to the fact that Romney took a week long vacation and was photographed riding a Jet Ski, according to The Boston Globe.

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Rupert Murdoch, the conservative media mogul who owns The Wall Street Journal and Fox News, among others, tweeted earlier this week:


He then tweeted:

Regardless of criticism, the Romney campaign raised $100 million in June, a record for him. In addition to Romney's campaign, the super PACs that support him will likely far outspend Obama, according to ABC News.

Here is Romney's full statement from Friday, courtesy of MSNBC:

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