An Israeli government panel has recommended that most ultra-Orthodox men be required to join the army. Should the recommendation become law, those dodging the draft on religious grounds would be penalized. The World's Matthew Bell reports from Jerusalem that religious lawmakers are up in arms.
  • Rabbi Yoel Schwartz of the Dvar Yeshiva in Jerusalem says the Haredim, or Ultra-Orthodox, cannot be forced by the government to do military or national service. Torah study, he says, is of supreme importance for the Jewish people, no less so than the Isareli army. (Photo: Daniella Cheslow)

  • Mickey Gitzin (right) is one of the organizers of the "Suckers Camp" protest in downtown Tel Aviv. It's a group of Israeli army veterans who say the Ultra-Orthodox population is not sharing the social burden of military and national service. They want a new draft law that would require more religious students to serve in the army or national service. (Photo: Matthew Bell)

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