A sticker of the Syrian flag is seen on the damaged windshield of a minibus at the site of a blast in the central Midan district of Damascus on April 27, 2012. A deadly suicide bombing rocked the Syrian capital, killing at least 9 people and fueling growing skepticism about hopes for the success of a UN-backed peace plan.

Local activists in Syria say that they are pulling mutilated corpses out of trash cans in Douma. Local state media, meanwhile, is painting a much rosier picture and downplaying concerns about violence, Reuters reported today

The report comes after security forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar-al Assad stormed through Douma last week, killing at least 83 people, an NGO told the Agence France-Presse.

"These are pieces of our children we're pulling out of dumpsters ... We found these body parts and we are still looking for more. These are burned human body parts," a man picking through a garbage bin told Reuters today. "These are male reproductive organs." 

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And a video posted online shows corpses littering the street of Douma, Reuters reported last week.

A British NGO, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, also released a report last Saturday on the grave situation in Douma. A 10-day government assault on Douma, which has been battleground for dissent against regime forces, has left dozens of citizens dead, the Associated Press reported.

Despite the dire news, the rebel forces are still having some success fighting back. At Syria's northewest border with Turkey, Syrian rebels now control large swatchs of territory and are getting more powerful weapons, GlobalPost reported today. And GlobalPost reporters saw dozens of burned out tanks littering the road in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city. 

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