Luka Magnotta case: Head belongs to Jun Lin, Canada police confirm


Canadian police are looking for Rocco Luka Magnotta in connection with a murder mystery that includes body parts mailed to political parties and a dismembered torso found in the garbage.



Medical tests have confirmed that the human head found in a Montreal park at the weekend belongs to Chinese student Jun Lin, who was allegedly dismembered by his Canadian porn star lover Luka Rocco Magnotta.

According to the Associated Press, the head was found Sunday in Park Angrignon, which is located a few miles south of Magnotta’s apartment.

"It had been there for quite some time, but we won't go into details, partly out of respect for the family and friends of the victim," said Montreal police spokeswoman Anie Lemieux.

"What is important is what we were looking for has been found and the rest of the investigation can continue."

Magnotta, dubbed the “Canadian Psycho,” was arrested last month in Berlin after an international manhunt.

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The self-described porn actor and prostitute has pleaded not guilty to charges of killing Lin and then dismembering and cannibalizing his body, Reuters reported.

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Lin’s headless torso was found inside a suitcase outside a Montreal apartment building in May.

His hands and feet were mailed to the Conservative and Liberal party headquarters in the Canadian capital Ottawa and to two schools in Vancouver.

The Montreal Gazette reported that Magnotta was scheduled to reappear in court on January 9.