First Independence Day for an African Nation

As the United States celebrate its 236th Independence Day today, for the Geo Quiz, we remember one nation that will soon celebrate its very first. This nation sits in northern Africa and is flanked by Ethiopia and Chad, among others. Last year, it became the 193rd official country in the world. It became independent by seceding from a larger country that itself became independent from Anglo-Egyptian rulers in 1956.

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Soon after joyful independence celebrations a year ago, tensions began to rise over a disputed oil-rich region and the two nations came close to an all-out war. Both sides are still on edge today.

South Sudan is the answer to the Geo Quiz.

It seceded from Sudan in the north, following a massive referendum in favor of creating an independent state. But to this day, there are still unresolved border issues.

July 9, 2011 was South Sudan's first independence day. The full text of the declaration of the country's independence was read aloud by the speaker of the legislative assembly in front of a large audience in Juba, the capital.