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Women deliberately tag their friends in unflattering Facebook photos, survey says


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Matt Cardy

We don't want to name any names, but SOME GIRLS just LOVE to use Facebook to channel their passive aggressive behavior. A new survey by gifting website seems to confirm this. 

The survey of 1,500 women over the age of 18 found that one in four women admitted to deliberately uploading unflattering bikini photographs of their friends onto social networking websites, the Daily Telegraph reported. The survey provides further evidence that people use Facebook to humiliate their friends, the Telegraph said.

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"To see that so many women deliberately commit ‘photo sabotage’ and upload unflattering pictures of friends is somewhat surprising, particularly when you consider how many said they’d be mad if the same was done to them," co-founder Rebecca Huggler told the Telegraph.

Another two fifths of the women polled admitted to purposely posting photographs of their friends without make-up, Todayonline reported

According to Shiny Digital, 51 percent of the offenders said they posted the ugly photographs because they "they didn't like the friend in question."