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Teeth thief steals famous composers' teeth (VIDEO)


A grave robber reportedly stole the teeth of famous 19th century composers Johann Strauss Jr. and Johannes Brahms from the Viennese Central Cemetery.



Grave robbers seem like something out of history books or fantasy movies, but Austrian authorities are investigating whether a Slovak man stole the teeth of two famous 19th century composers, according to the Associated Press.

The self-confessed Slovak thief, Ondrej Jajcaj, said he stole the teeth of Johann Strauss Jr. and Johannes Brahms to be part of an exhibition with other objects stolen from graves. Charming.

Jajcaj calls himself the Freedom Undertaker and has a YouTube channel in which he posts videos taking his viewers on tours of graves, according to ABC News.

The Daily Telegraph said some of the videos showed the grave robber opening the crypts and extracting skulls, before he used pliers to remove the teeth.

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Police confirmed that several teeth, real and false, were missing in the tombs at the Viennese Central Cemetery. Officials ordered the police to also check the crypts of Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert and Arnold Schoenberg.

According to ABC News, cemetery officials had reported tampering in some of the graves in 2008, but the case was dropped due to the statute of limitations running out.

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Thomas Vecsey of the Vienna state prosecutor's office said the authorities are considering filing charges, according to the AP.

He told ABC News, "We hope we can charge him with burglary, disturbing the peace of the dead and other related crimes." However, he added, "But the fact that he is not Austrian and does not reside in Austria, complicates things."

This video appears to show Jajcaj showing off his gruesome collection, but could not been verified: