Colorado wildfires: Obama pledges federal aid


President Obama pledged federal aid for the devastation left behind by wildfires in Colorado. The Waldo Canyon Fire has killed two people and destroyed 347 homes as of June 30, 2012.

At least two people have been killed by the wildfires in Colorado, as firefighters made slow but steady progress in against the blaze, according to the Associated Press.

A second body was reportedly found on Friday, at the same site where another person was found dead earlier. Officials have not released identifications yet, as they search each charred lot for more possible victims, said the AP. According to Police Chief Pete Carey, fewer than 10 people are unaccounted for.

Thousands had to evacuate their homes earlier this week to escape the 26-square-mile blaze, one of several blazing across the West.

Firefighters continued to fight the blaze on Saturday, aided by helicopters, air tankers and military planes which dropped water and retardant, said CNN. The Colorado National Guard is set to deploy on Saturday night to help to local authorities.

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The blaze had been 30 percent contained by early Saturday morning, according to incident commander Rich Harvey, said CNN.

President Barack Obama toured the devastated areas on Friday and promised federal aid for the worst hit areas.

He said, "We’re going to continue to make sure that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Forest Service, our military and National Guard and all the resources that we have available at the federal level are brought to bear in fighting this fire," according to The Washington Post.

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Reuters reported that the so-called Waldo Canyon Fire has so far destroyed 347 homes.

Six people have been killed by wildfires so far this season in Colorado, according to Reuters.