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Digital camera sales are slumping as smart phone cameras improve


Sales of digital cameras and camcorders slumping as smart phones take over.


Quinn Rooney

Digital cameras may go the way of the dodo as smart phone cameras continue to improve.

A British consumer study found that sales of digital cameras fell by nearly 30 percent in the last five years.

Though the study was only conducted among UK residents, the trend is clear: digital cameras and camcorders are becoming increasingly obsolete as smart phone technology improves.

"Although smartphone cameras do not typically match the quality of output of dedicated devices..." said Samuel Gee, a Mintel Technology analyst, reported the Telegraph

"...the technology is consistently improving, as the quality of camera image output becomes too high for consumers to reliably distinguish between competitors." 

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The Telegraph also reported that about eight percent of consumers said that they would not replace their digital camera if it broke,

Instead, they would rely on their cell phone.

According to Absolute Gadget the research also found that about eight per cent of people use a traditional film camera, while 40 percent of consumers use a digital camera.

A growing share of the latter is using only their smart phone - with about 45 percent currently using it exclusively, the Mirror reported.