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Anders Breivik: Noway to build mass killer his own psychiatric ward


Rightwing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in twin attacks in Norway last year, looks on at the opening of his trial in Oslo district courtroom on April 16, 2012.



Anders Breivik, the mass killer who murdered 77 people in coordinated attacks in Norway last July, will have a custom psychiatric ward built for him, the Associated Press reported

On Wednesday, Norway's Health Directorate approved plans for a customized ward inside Oslo's Ila Prison, where Breivik is currently being held, the AP reported. The ward will reportedly be designed specifically for the right-wing, anti-Muslim extremist.

The 33-year-old's mental state is currently under evaluation, following the conclusion of a 10-week trial, Slate reported. The court will rule on August 24. 

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If Breivik is found to be sane, he could be sentenced to a maximum of only 21 years in prison, according to Norwegian law, though he could be held longer if he is though to be a danger to the public at that time, Slate reported. 

With an insanity ruling, which would undermine Breivik's claims of being a right-wing revolutionary leader, officials would have greater grounds to hold him indefinitely, according to Slate. 

The killer shocked the world last July with his brutal dual attacks: a bombing in Oslo and a mass shooting at a children's camp outside of the capital that took 77 lives, the AP reported.

Norway's penal system is notoriously humane: in fact, Foreign Policy called it "among the cushiest in the world." 

Ila prison announced in May that it was hesitant to keep Breivik in solitary confinement, but also did not want him around other inmates whom he could potentially take hostage, Yahoo News reported. Instead, officials plan to hire "friends" for the murderer.

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