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Woman accused of luring underage boy into tanning booth, trying to seduce him


A study shows tanning beds can be physically addictive.

It's like the tanning mom controversy, only kinkier: an Oklahoma woman is accused of committing lewd acts with a minor in a tanning booth.

Police say that a 15-year-old boy went with his mother to the gym last week. While at the gym, the boy got hit on by another gym-goer, 24-year-old Betsy Ann Brashear, NewsOn6 reported. The boy's concerned mother tried to stop anything from happening by asking other gym members to keep an eye on her son. 

The boy later told police that Brashear asked him to spot her on the bench while she lifted weights, and then "talked him into" going with her into a tanning booth. He said that Brashear took off her clothes and kissed him when they were alone, NewsOn6 said. 

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According to Brashear, meanwhile, the boy was worried that they might get caught by his mother, Fox23 reported. They were, and it didn't end well. 

The boy's furious mother later pounded on the door to the tanning booth. After her son opened up, the mother saw Brashear wearing a sports bra but no pants, Fox23 reported.  So she called the police. 

Brashear was arrested but was bonded out of jail on Friday, the New York Daily News reported. She has a court date scheduled for July.