Stowaways suspected in container ship docked in NJ


A cargo ship (not the one seen here) has been detained in Newark, NJ, off suspicions that it is carrying multiple stowaways from Pakistan.


Chris Trotman

A cargo ship docked at Port Newark in New Jersey has been detained off suspicions that it is carrying multiple stowaways in a cargo container. 

NBC reported that federal and local authorities descended on the ship after Coast Guard officials heard sounds coming from a cargo container below deck during a routine inspection early Wednesday.

The stowaway theory cannot be immediately confirmed as one official told MSNBC, it will take a "significant amount of time" to reach the container. 

Coast Guard spokesperson Charles Rowe told NBC that the vessel originated in Pakistan. The container suspected of holding the stowaways was put on the ship in either Mundra or Nahva Sheva, India. The ship last left Mundra on June 7, continued to Egypt and left Egypt on June 15.

According to the Associated Press, the ship's manifest says the container is carrying machine parts. 

The New York Daily News is reporting it obtained a published report claiming several of the stowaways perished during the journey. 

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