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The New York Times launches a Chinese language site


The New York Times is scaling back the number of free articles non-subscribers can read a month, from 20 to 10.

The New York Times is launching a Chinese language site.

The site, goes live Thursday morning Beijing time and according to the Times targets China's “educated, affluent, global citizens" — otherwise known as its growing middle class.

The site will feature about 30 articles daily, one-third will be written by Chinese editors and local freelancers, while two-thirds will be content translated from Times article.

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How will the paper deal with the big issue of censorship?

“We’re not tailoring it to the demands of the Chinese government, so we’re not operating like a Chinese media company,” said Joseph Kahn, the paper’s foreign editor. “China operates a very vigorous firewall. We have no control over that. We hope and expect that Chinese officials will welcome what we’re doing.”

That remains to be seen.

The Grey Lady is not the first major paper to break into the Chinese media market.

Both the Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times already have Chinese-language sites.

But as Forbes writes, China is now the third-largest media market and with growth expected at about 14.6 percent, this could be the new revenue the Times desperately needs.