Dear Mr. President: What's your advice for the next US president?

Have you always wanted to give the US president a piece of your mind? Now is your chance.

GlobalPost is collecting words of advice on what the next president — either a re-elected Barack Obama or a triumphant Mitt Romney— should do during his term in office.

The President of the United States affects not only Americans but also people living on every continent, in every country. So whether you are in St. Louis or Shanghai, Miami or Melbourne, you can participate by answering this one question: “What is your advice to the next US President?”

Create a short video starting with, "Dear Mr. President," and add in your request or advice. (See the explanatory video above.) 

You can send your video to GlobalPost through YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.

On YouTube, use @reply with your video in the comments section. On Twitter, send the video to @GlobalPost with the hashtag #DearMrPresident. On Facebook, send it to us as a comment or tag us, @GlobalPost.

We will then add the videos to our DearMrPresident playlist on YouTube and share our favorites on GlobalPost each week. Before the election, we will present a mashup of our all-time favorite ones.

You have until Nov. 1.

Get started now, and let your voice be heard.